"M is for Mindmeld" - directed by BC Glassberg. (warning: intense gore)

Joe Stacey - music/sound design/mixing

Trailer for ebook version of novel "The Cipher" by Kathe Koja (

Joe Stacey - music/narration/sound design/mixing

Music video for "Love You Strange" by Jack Charles (

Joe Stacey - album production/mixing

Promo video for the final performance of "Under The Poppy" (

Joe Stacey - music/mixing

"The Company We Keep" with Jordan Whalen and Annabelle Young, music/vocals by Joe Stacey (song by Stacey/Koja). Performed at the Russell Industrial Center in Detroit. Produced by Julanne Jacobs and Loudermilk Productions LLC. (

This video was shown as part of the Under the Poppy show at the Detroit Institute of Arts on February 17, 2012. The show was based on the novel of the same name by Kathe Koja. The Mister Vidor video was performed by Brooklyn Dimitrie, Vanessa Hentschel, and Annabelle Young, and directed by Julanne Jacobs and Diane Cheklich. Music by Joe Stacey. Effects by Aaron Mustamaa.(

Joe Stacey